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  • How does it work?
    We start with a free consultation, in which we go over a brief history of your overal health and physical fitness. We wil discuss your goals, motivation and any other problems you may have or want to prevent. We will review things such as lifestyle, nutrition, sleep patterns, stress control and how to go about adopting healthy habits. From there we assess your fitness level, get feedback from you on your strengths, your weakness points and training preferences. You will find find this to be a highly educational and beneficial part of the process. Our coaches enjoy getting to know you during this time taken to establish what we hope to be a long-standing partneship toward reaching and maintaining your fitness and well-being goals.
  • How do I purchase a program?
    Contact us to discuss which program is best suited to your needs. Once you have purchased one of our plans, we will begin developing your individualized program which you shoud receive within with 48-72 hours.
  • How do I make a payment?
    You can contact us to find out what payment options are available.
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